Festive FunToday you can download a ready-made game of Christmas matching pairs to play or, better still, some blank cards to create your own game!

To play with my ready-made game just cut out the pictures, place them face down and turn them over when it’s your turn to try to make a pair. It’s a great game for the memory!

Alternatively get your child to draw pictures on the blank cards. They can draw whatever they want but since it’s Christmas they might want to draw Santa, an elf, reindeer, a present or anything to do with the season. Colour them with pencils too.

We recommend that you scan the cards they draw into your computer (it’s easiest if you keep them on one A4 sheet as it prints out) and then print the scanned pictures. That way you have a perfect matching pair. If they complete at least eight cards then you’ve got a game on your hands and you’re now ready to play.

Have fun!

Ready-made matching pairs game     Make your own matching pairs game