Our mystery parties for children are always a hit

From simple mysteries like The Jewel Thief for younger children to murder mysteries for teenagers we’ve got a mystery party for everyone.

You can choose to have a party host play detective to lead the chilren through the story or host your own party with our download, print and play kits.

Our simple mystery parties for children aged seven to ten use activities from hidden objects or spot the difference to games that have everyone running around to let off some excitement. With every completed activity there is a clue that lets the young detectives clear a suspect.

Or our murder mystery parties for teens (only available as hosted parties) sees all the party guests taking on a character, investigating a crime scene and uncovering clues before quizzing their friends to work out whodunit.

So if your child loves a mystery we’ve got the answer for you!

Just get in touch through the contact form below or call Sara on 07833 715504.






Turn detective

Quiz your friends to find out whodunit

Examine the crime scene

Investigate the clues and discover what they mean


Have a go at fingerprinting s part of the fun

Or solve the mystery of The Jewel Thief

The perfect game for younger budding detectives