A boring Christmas family tradition or just a nice homey family activity?

It’s become a family tradition and I’m sure before that it was someone else’s tradition but every year at Christmas we have a family jigsaw puzzle.

Now I can’t help feeling that jigsaw puzzles are a bit passé (well, ok a lot passé) and I suspect you might be sniggering at just how boring our Christmas family tradition is.

I love jigsaw puzzles and have spent many a happy hour working on them so a festive jigsaw puzzle is irresistible to me. I bought this year’s puzzle last month!

Every year the puzzle is brought out and placed on the hall table. I then sort through the pieces to find the frame and create that so the puzzle is all ready for Christmas. Then I hope that everyone who passes it by will pause for a moment and see whether they can find a piece that fits just here or there and gradually over the holiday the picture appears.

Yes, I probably do find myself doing most of it although this year as there are fewer of us at Christmas I’m planning to put it onto one of these jigsaw rolls so that I can transfer it to the kitchen table so we can all dip in when we’re sitting about.

But I know my youngest can’t quite resist a jigsaw puzzle when it’s put in front of him either so I’m sure he’ll be joining in too.

Jigsaw puzzles are quite old fashioned these days, aren’t they? You can even do jigsaw puzzles online now but I don’t think you can beat the feel of the pieces in your hand and the satisfaction when you place the last piece of 1000 pieces into the picture.

So what Christmas family traditions do you have? Anything as old-fashioned, or dare I say as boring, as ours or something a bit more modern?

I’d love to hear.