Drawing is underrated family fun!

Drawing family fun

Create a story with pictures Join my weekly summer holidays newsletter for more fun ideas! [button link=”http://eepurl.com/Xa0Q9″ bg_color=”#17c1f4″]No Distractions[/button] Drawing is such a simple activity that when you’re looking for things to do with kids it often gets overlooked – I know it does in our house. In this day…

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Target practice fun for kids

Target practice

[button link=”http://eepurl.com/Xa0Q9″ bg_color=”#17c1f4″]No Distractions[/button] Get ready for some target practice fun for kids! You really do need to be in the garden for our paint target practice with clothes that you don’t mind getting mucky and possibly ruined! Grab a large cardboard box and rip it in half so that you…

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A summer puzzle

Summer puzzle

We have a great family tradition at Christmas. But wait! I hear you cry, it’s not Christmas – nowhere near. And you’re right but just because it’s a great family tradition at Christmas doesn’t mean it has to only be used at Christmas. So I’m throwing tradition up in the…

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