Searching for clues with Tall Tales

Our brand new play-at-home detective game is coming soon but we need your help to turn it into the most interactive and exciting game it can be.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to allow us to create a truly interactive game that will take you online and offline as you investigate the case. With your help we’ll turn this game into a series of six intriguing investigations and each one has elements that will give you a seventh linked case for free so you can collect them all and then solve the hidden case too.

Investigations! is a game to play at home alone, on a date night or with friends. You receive a letter and a case file from a retiring detective who wants you to take on a case that has always puzzled him. Detective Inspector Fred Royal reckons something has been missed and now the case is yours. That’s the very first in our series of games and it’s almost ready for you to play now. We just need the website and packaging in place before we can send the case of Gideon Love to you.


With your backing we can get the first case out there in October with the remaining cases to follow.

The map in our play-at-home detective gameEach and every case takes place in the quaint seaside town of Greater Questing or the chocolate-box style village of Little Questing and in supporting our Kickstarter campaign you can get your name on the map or even become one of the suspects! Just imagine your friends’ faces when they discover you could be the guilty party.

We’re so excited about our new play-at-home detective game and we can’t wait to see people playing it. If you’d like to be one of the first to play support our Kickstarter campaign and get ready to turn armchair detective.