We’ve got some exciting news to share! We’ve welcomed a traitor to join Tall Tales Mysteries and our regular fabulous cast this year.

Popular traitor from BBC TV’s hit show The Traitors, Amanda Lovett, is joining our cast and our writer, Sara, is creating a special murder mystery to feature her, A Traitor Among Us.

Amanda was one of the original traitors chosen from a group of 22 contestants in the TV show. She was so clever at playing the game ofA traitor to join Tall Tales Mysteries deception and murder that no one could believe she was a traitor!

That makes her the perfect traitor to join Tall Tales Mysteries where our suspects are always trying to divert suspicion from them and there is always at least one suspect attempting to deceive you into thinking they are innocent.

Amanda said: “I’m excited as a traitor to join Tall Tales Mysteries and to become involved in a murder mystery. I’ve always loved the concept of a murder mystery, the deception and lies and the twists and turns. I can’t wait.

“The cast have made me feel so welcome.”

Our brand new plot A Traitor Among Us will be based around the game where the traitors chose a contestant to “murder” each night while the faithful attempted to uncover the traitors to win a prize pot of money. As ever there will be plenty of interaction with guests and suspects so you will feel as though you are playing along in the game.

Amanda found herself cleverly outed by fellow traitor, Wilf, in the final episodes of the TV show but since her appearance on our screens she lifted the BAFTA for The Traitors. If you’ve missed The Traitors you can watch it on catch-up.

Amanda has also been nominated for Reality TV Personality Of The Year at the National Reality Television Awards and as Celebrity Of The Year at the National Diversity Awards.

Sara West, the criminal mind behind Tall Tales Mysteries, said: “I loved The Traitors TV show and it’s a pleasure to welcome a traitor to join Tall Tales Mysteries. It’s just such a perfect collaboration with Amanda bumping off unsuspecting faithfuls in the TV show and now possibly bumping off our suspects in a new plot. Although I’m not giving anything away.

“I know our murder mystery regulars will love meeting Amanda, even though she will be playing one of our suspects. I know she’ll make a fantastic suspect as she has already shown us what a devious actor she can be.”

Amanda will make her debut with Tall Tales Mysteries in September with the new plot A Traitor Among Us. You can see her on Saturday September 30th at the Holiday Inn Newcastle-Gosforth. Tickets are £45 per person and can be booked here.

A traitor to join Tall Tales Mysteries