Solving our murder mystery night in the woodsWe had a magical murder mystery night in the woods this weekend with some wonderful people, lots of laughter and a big dollop of fun.
It’s one of our favourite things to do thanks to the great team at Bright Woods Forest School and all the guests, many of whom return again and again to play detective or suspect.
This was our third murder mystery night in the woods with specially written plots to suit the location. We all sit around a campfire so it needs to be a story that works for such a unique setting. So far, we’ve had Murder In The Woods, of course, which involved a scary movie set, Murder And Old Bones set on an archaeological dig and this weekend, Lock, Stock and Murder set on a pheasant shoot for Lord Ed Gunn.
The team at Bright Woods Forest School, Honia and Gemma, came up withAnother murder mystery night in the woods the idea for a murder mystery night in the woods near Barnard Castle and what a great idea it was. Everyone brings a picnic supper, their drinks and a sense of fun.
Each plot is written for six suspects and our guests can chose whether they want to be a detective or a suspect. If they opt to be the latter, they read from our scripts and then visit the tables to answer questions of the suspects, sometimes honestly and sometimes not quite so honestly. But one of ny favourite things is to stand back and listen to the chatter and the laughter from the tables gathered around the campfire. There are usually six or so tables so it’s an intimate gathering often with a little competition between the teams.
Honia and Gemma have created such a beautiful setting with fairy lights, tarpaulin over our heads in case it rains (it has once), small table lights that cast a spooky glow and perfectly arranged tables. They offer tea, coffee and hot chocolate and, the latest addition, is a real toilet in the woods instead of a tent that was not quite so attractive.
Our murder mystery night in the woods around a campfireThere’s something simplistically appealing about our murder mystery night in the woods and we’re already plotting more for next year which is just as well because, as we were leaving to make our way back through the dark to our car, the guests were asking when they could expect our next night in the woods.

And a member of our Top Detectives winning team said: “Fantastic. I didn’t think it could get any better and then we won!”

We started these unusual nights in the woods – for adults only – in September 2018 – with two this year and possibly another two in 2020. Plots and dates have not yet been decided. But if the idea of a night in the woods, doing something fun and different with friends is right up your street then why not add your name to my Confessions newsletter (sent out once a month) where you’ll be the first to know about our next murder mystery night in the woods. Click here to be kept in the loop!
And if you tun a forest school or are a regular visitor to a forest school why not talk to us about a murder mystery night in your woods! Call 07833 715504 or email