Will you work out whodunit in our virtual murder mystery weekend?

If you’ve ever fancied immersing yourself in a murder mystery over a weekend then here’s your chance to do it from the comfort of your own armchair!

Our virtual murder mystery nights are proving so popular and we wanted to create something even more interactive and immersive for our guest detectives.

Our virtual murder mystery weekend lets you join in however you choose. You can opt to play detective, choose to play a mini character whilst solving the mystery and we have extra activities for you to get involved with too. Find out more about what you can expect at our virtual murder mystery weekend here.

Virtual murder mystery weekend

Find our mysteries online!

It’s a tricky time right now and lots of our events can’t go ahead – but we can bring you our murder mysteries online for a great night in! 

What are we doing? 

We’ve launched online murder mystery nights where you join us on Zoom to see us play out one of our plots. You ask the questions and discover whether your suspicions are right. You can find out more about those in our Events. Tickets for each are £12.

 And we’ve also launched our first web-based murder mystery that puts you in the role of web sleuth and detective. The Disappearance Of Kitty Wake lets you play whenever, wherever and however you choose. Discover more here.

Private events onlinee

Online events for all

Online games

Bring Our Murder Mysteries to Life

Our interactive murder mysteries will have your guests laughing, puzzling and thoroughly involved in the investigation.

Whether you’re planning a party for a special occasion or looking for an event for your venue a murder mystery can be a great hit for all ages from 18 up to 80+.

And because each of our murder mysteries is carefully created by us we can provide an event to suit you – from a team of actors to your guests playing the parts of our suspects to a completely unique game written just for you!

You’ve Got To Book These Guys

“Absolutely brilliant night last night,thoroughly enjoyed it. You got to book these guys! You won’t be disappointed!” Karen of Murder And Mulled Wine

Can’t Wait To Do It All Again

“What a fantastic night. Cast were brilliant and really had us thinking. The actors were all superb and it really was hard to solve which is what you want from a Murder Mystery night. Well done all and can’t wait to do it all again.” Karen of Murder In The Museum

Excellent Actors And A Perfect Night

“What a lot of fun! Excellent actors and perfect night. Thank you!” Jill of Murder And Sparkling Wine

Would Definitely Recommend

“Fantastic evening. Fun and friendly. Enthusiastic acting throughout. Would definitely recommend.” Katy of Murder Off The Mainland

A Superb Performance

“This is the best murder mystery that we have been to, mainly due to the interaction of the participants with the customers. A superb performance.” Derek of Murder And Sparkling Wine

Lot Of Fun

” The actors/actresses were very good and a lot of fun. I loved how it was interactive but you’re not put on the spot.” Jem of Murder In The Museum


“Brilliant. We loved it. Great murder mystery night.” Kerry and Cate of Murder Off The Mainland

Brilliant Entertainment

“Brilliant entertainment. Fun and laughter. Loved actors engaging with guests. Story inventive and clues kept you guessing. Look forward to the next plot.” Andrew, of Murder & Mischief

Absolutely Brilliant

“Absolutely brilliant night last night,thoroughly enjoyed it. You got to book these guys! You won’t be disappointed!” Karen of Murder And Mulled Wine

Loved Every Second

“Loved every second of it. Well thought out, well planned and executed.” Jenni of Murder Without A HItch

Really Enjoyed The Cast Interaction

“Fantastic cast and storyline. Good twists and turns and really enjoyed the cast interaction with the audience. Really can’t wait for the next one.” Stacey of Murder & Matrimony

Tall Tales Detective Academy

Children love the idea of turning detective and creating their own Detective Club so now we’re giving them everything they need to get started.

With detective badges, secret codes, fingerprinting and lots more ideas and things to do we think this is perfect for the school holidays and beyond!

Join our Tall Tales Detective Academy here

Book an event!

We perform our murder mysteries in Darlington, County Durham and around the North East. Let us tell you more – get in touch!

Murder Mysteries Thoughout The North East

Step into one of our murder mysteries and immerse yourself in a fun story that will have you laughing and joining in as you turn detective.

And we make our murder mysteries as interactive as possible to make sure your guests love the experience.

We offer you two different ways to bring our murderous tall tales to life.

You can hire our fabulous team of actors to perform  our murder mysteries in the North East. Simply choose whether you want four, six or eight actors – it all depends on your venue and how many guests you’re expecting.