Our murder mystery eventsI love mysteries and, since you’re here, I guess you do too!

But for us at Tall Tales Mysteries the mystery is not everything.

We love to see your guests having fun at our murder mystery events. We love seeing people who have never met before getting to know each other as they work together to solve the case. We love interacting with you and your guests. And we love your solutions!


I’m the writer of all the murder mysteries and children’s mysteries you’ll find here. Each one is written with humour and designed for you and your guests, whatever the occasion, to have fun.

And because I write our mysteries it means we can be flexible to create the perfect murder mystery event for you – whether you want our fantastic murder mystery actors or you want your guests to play our over the top villains. We can work around your venue, your number of guests and your event.

Or perhaps you would rather have one of our murder mystery games or children’s mysteries in a kit ready for you to play at home with family and friends.

And I’ve written interactive murder mystery scripts for you if you’re looking for a great charity fundraiser with friends and volunteers playing the suspects. So you can see, I really do love mysteries.

Our murder mystery actorsThe Team

When you book a Tall Tales Mystery with actors for all occasions you’ll meet some or all of these talented people who step into the shoes of my suspects. They interact with your guests from the minute they walk into a room, perform the script and then answer any questions – they really do have to be on their toes!

They love to act out the roles of my shady characters and I think you and your guests will love them!

Can we help?

I hope so. Just get in touch, tell us your theme and your plans and we’ll do everything we can to make your murder mystery event go with a bang.




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