Our Murder Mystery Actors

Meet our regular murder mystery actors – as they are in real life and not in their shady roles.

Lee Morris - our murder mystery actors

Lee Morris

Lee is our resident joker who always keeps us (and our audiences) smiling.

He’s been performing since childhood, whether singing, acting or playing musical instruments.

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He joined the Darlington Operatic Society in 2002 where he met his wife and in the last 15 years he has appeared in almost 30 musicals. He’s waiting for Sara to write Murder At The Musical so he can combine his love of musicals and murder mysteries!
Lee is a passionate (if slow) runner, teacher, tutor, husband and dad to two lovely children who are following in his performing footsteps.
Fiona Thomas - our murder mystery actors

Fiona Thomas

Fiona is becoming increasingly typecast as jealous and spoilt young ladies. Anyone saw her performance as Carol in Murder And Mulled Wine will know what we mean!

Of course, she’s not like that at all but she plays those parts so well Sara writes them for her.

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Fiona has a lovely singing voice and her performed with the Darlington Operatic Society and, most recently, in pantomime with the Bishop Auckland Theatre Society.
She also helps out behind the scenes at Tall Tales Mysteries talking to venues and booking in more of our mysteries around the North East. She does love to talk!
Sharon Cawthorne - our murder mystery actors

Sharon Cawthorne

Sharon is a holistic therapist with her own clinic, Shen Holistics, in Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees.

When Sharon isn’t treating patients in her usual calm and caring manner she’s playing one of our thoroughly wicked suspects.

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Sharon trained for five years at the Ella Hardy Dance School and went on to perform on stage in productions such as Thank You For The Music and Aladdin.
her dog, Sophie, has even performed on stage as part of the cast of The Play That Goes Wrong.
Sharon plays wicked really well and does a mean death scene too!

Malcolm Stamp - murder mystery actor

Malcolm Stamp

Malcolm makes a marvellous upper crust titled gentleman in our murder mysteries. He’s been typecast into the roles of Lord Jolyon Jape and Sir Ivor Mansion.

But when he turns into a detective it really is something to be seen!

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Without revealing his age, Malcolm has been performing in plays and pantos for the last 35 years.
He is currently a member of the Bishop Auckland Theatre Society where they have just finished performing After Eleanor Died, a play that Malcolm wrote and directed.
Fortunately, he loves performing with Tall Tales Mysteries too!
Wendy Church - murder mystery actor

Wendy Church

When Wendy is not off cruising you’ll find her playing one of our suspects.

She has a most refined style so it’s always a surprise when she is pegged as the murderer. We think audiences must know something about her that we don’t!

Andrew Sangster - murder mystery actor

Andrew Sangster

Andrew is one of our younger cast members and our audiences love him!

But don’t let his youth fool you. He has a wealth of experience in performing in shows such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Beauty and the Beast.

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His talents don’t end when he walks off stage either. He is an avid screenwriter, artist, costume designer and singer.
He is currently a student at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College in Darlington but will soon be studying Media & Production at University. He’s planning to continue being part of the cast throughout his studies – which is great because no one ever thinks he could be the culprit!

And we can’t forget our Tall Tales Mysteries creator, can we?

Sara West - murder mystery actor Sara West

Sara writes all the scripts for our murder mysteries – we hate to think what goes on in her head most of the time!

She has always wanted to write a crime novel but at 80,000 words that seems like a lot of effort. It seemed much easier to write a murder mystery script instead until she realised she needed a cast, rehearsals and had to learn lines too.

Sara occasionally joins a performance but only when she gets to play a Countess or a Lady – she definitely has ideas above her station!

Want to get involved with our murder mysteries? We’re always looking for new actors and actresses so if you’d like to know more email [email protected]

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