Murder In The Maze – a murder mystery game for children

Murder In The Maze murder mystery game for childrenThere’s been a murder in the maze at an English country house owned by Lady Henrietta Emerald and you need to discover whodunnit.

This murder mystery game for children is designed to be fun without being scary or bloodthirsty.Murder mystery for children aged 8+

There are six games to play and once completed each game will give the children a clue that may or may not allow them to clear a suspect.

The seven shady suspects all have a possible motive but only one of them finished off Oskar Windig in the centre of the maze.

Step by step instructions make hosting this murder mystery game for children as a birthday party or as a fun entertainment for any occasion really easy for you.

And you’ll loved how the children become wrapped up in the exciting storyline as they turn detective and catch the murderer.

Simply choose whether you want a boxed game or a download and get ready for fun!



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