Murder On The Hoof – murder mystery game

A bookmaker is found dead in the yard of Legover Racing Stables and that means trouble!

Take on the roles of trainer, owner, vet, a gold-digging wife and a titled Lord and Lady and more in this fun murder mystery game set at the home of horse racing trainer, Johnny Bucking.

With four scripted rounds you’ll uncover clues but you must ask the right questions to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Each suspect has a motive and a secret but will you discover whodunit?

Characters include Johnny and Nomore Bucking, Orson A Round and his wife Phyllida, Lord and Lady Thoroughbred, Fred Bett and Deena Needle.

Choose to download your game or have a boxed murder mystery game delivered to your door.


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From £15

Players: six | eight | ten

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