Movie Mayhem – a detective game for children

Movie Mayhem - a detective game for childrenThis interactive detective game for children is great fun for a birthday party, a club activity or whenever you’re looking to keep a group of children entertained.

Someone is trying to stop filming of the new blockbuster movie, Lights, Camera, Action! but who isMystery for children aged 7+ behind the plot and why?

The children must turn detective to discover who has the means, motive and opportunity by uncovering a clue with each of the six games they complete. Seven suspects will reveal a clue that will allow the budding detectives to cross them off the list.

Step by step instructions make hosting this fun detective game easy for you and you can add a craft activity too to make the fun last even longer. Without a craft activity the game should last 60 minutes (sometimes longer) and with a craft activity it should last 90 minutes.

Simply choose to download your detective game for children and print everything you need or order a boxed game delivered to your door.


**Please note: Movie Mayhem uses the same activities and images as Lights, Camera, Murder! but without the murder element to the story.

Download a mystery

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Boxed mysteryFrom £32.00

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