Cluedunnit Trail – clue game for kids

Cluedunnit Trail - a fun clue game for childrenPut your powers of deduction to the test with my Cluedunnit Trail.

Each clue builds a description of the suspect until you can finally reveal the suspect.

Use the Cluedunnit Trail booklet to clear the suspects one by one until you know whodunnit.


My Cluedunnit Trail game comes with three different sets of clues forCluedunnit Trail - a fun clue game for children you to hide around the garden, house or wherever you are. It’s perfect to play with your child, a group of friends or at an after school club. Just who will be the first to work out the correct culprit.

Plus the children can then create their own clues to make their own game for each other or for you!

Simply download, print and play!

Your download includes:

  • A Cluedunnit booklet
  • Three different sets of clues
  • The option to play again and again by creating your own clues.


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